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Danny used to be friends with Jo and Lacey, but one day while his Aunt Tara was watching the three of them he killed her. He was eleven when he committed the crime. The focus of the show takes place five years later when authorities deemed him rehabilitated. His old friends have gone their separate ways, Jo is now a tough social outcast, while Lacey became popular by putting the past behind her and leaving Jo. Once he returns he receives the nickname Socio. People avoid him and he is largely rejected by the entire town. One girl, Regina, who happens to be Lacey's friend, talks to him, but only because she thinks he's cute. He notices she is wearing a necklace and is visibly upset by it, he ask her where she got it but she only gives a vague answer, later it is revealed that the necklace used to belong to Aunt Tara. When Regina turns up dead after a party Danny is the main suspect.